I help people reduce stress, find more peace and thrive in the midst of life's chaos

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with what is going on today?

Do you have overwhelming thoughts that lead to chaos?

Are you stuck and don't know what to do next?

People see you as someone who is successful and has the perfect life. but right now you are anxious, overwhelmed and stressed out. The house is messy, the kids are screaming, and you can’t find time for self-care. Then there is your career. You are in a demanding industry where you only make money if you close a deal. And now it seems like the world has come to stop. You are worried about what might happen to the economy and how it impacts your financial situation. You are worried about your kids and how it is affecting them. You feel like you should be doing more but you aren't sure what what to do.

Maybe you find yourself trying to block it all out with binge drinking, over-eating, social media or other distractions. You feel disconnected, unlovable, confused and out-of-control but you don’t know what to do to fix it.

You are overwhelmed and scared.

You want to feel optimistic, happy, enthusiastic, confident, and peaceful but you can’t quite get there. You keep telling yourself, “I should be doing more or I should be helping more .


I know exactly what it is like to feel helpless, resigned, and overwhelmed. I had a successful career, but happiness felt elusive. I found myself over-working, over-exercising and over-drinking. Little did I know that my over-doing everything was simply a way to avoid my own negative emotions. Now, I can say that I can handle stress, overwhelm and confusion without having to over-do or numb myself.

This is why coaching is so important to me. I have known so many people who are in the same place I was – who struggle with overwhelm, anxiety and confusion. I can help by sharing what worked for me. I can help you see the unintentional thoughts you have that are producing results you don’t want and begin to shift those thoughts so that you can think more intentional thoughts that produce the results you want.

When you realize that you can use your next thought to become better and that who you think you are is simply the thoughts you have about yourself – things can change instantly.

The greatest gift I can offer you is to show you your mind because not only do your thoughts create your reality, your thoughts create who you are. A better life and a better business are truly one new thought away. Anyone can do it.

You can calm the chaos even in the most uncertain times.


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"Discomfort is the currency to achieving our dreams."

Brooke Castillo

"Kelly is a great coach who has helped me way beyond my original expectation. Whatever your goal, she can help you get there! You can’t go wrong with Kelly White!"

- Karen McKim

"I’ve been coached by Kelly now for almost 6 weeks and the results are far greater than I expected.  The practice she applies is one which is simple, yet subtle and powerful.  It is amazing what changing how you think will impact behavior.  The first issue was an inability to cope with a recent move.  In one session, Kelly helped me to see what was blocking my thinking and within a week I started making progress towards establishing order in my new home.  The second issue is weight, and it is something that will take more time. What has already been helpful is that Kelly has helped me ask the right question:  what is important to me, eating what I want or improving my health.  Now every time I make a choice about what to eat, that question is in my head and it helps me make the choice I really want to make, not the choice that is easy to rationalize.  Kelly has a talent for getting to the heart of the issue, asking the right questions, and helping me find a path that is productive.  If there is something you want to change in your life, I would recommend Kelly as a coach."

- Dr. Mary Weaver

"In one session with Kelly I had completely re-framed a major project in my life. I went from seeing it as 'just more work,' to seeing it as a 'grand adventure.' I came home from that session excited about the project and have been making incredible strides ever since. She helped me tap into my passion and purpose. Kelly is caring yet firm, compassionate and focused. She doesn't let you off easy, and you have to be willing to do the work to see your life differently, but the pay-off is amazing." 

- Tammy Lorraine

“Kelly is passionate about helping others. She is thoughtful, ambitious, hard-working, intense, focused, fun-loving, open and sharp-minded – always seeking new ideas and ways to keep moving toward growth. She has empathy combined with common sense and the strength to guide.”

- Shannon Musgrove, Marketing Director

“Kelly's consultative style makes people trust her and consider her a partner in their personal growth. She shares content that works! I will purchase everything that Kelly publishes, as I know it will move the needle in my life and business.”

- Amy Chorew, Platform Development, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate

“Dynamic. Genuine. Real.

- Sumina Bhatti, Realtor

“Kelly White has spoken for the California Association of REALTORS® at our annual California REALTOR® Expo and Broker Conference events. She has spoken to REALTORS® and to the leaders of firms on several occasions for us and is always a delightful and engaging speaker in the real estate industry. She focuses on topics that matter to the audience and we received great feedback on her sessions. I would love to have her back at future events for the Association.”

- Sara Sutachan, Manager of Real Estate Finance & Broker Outreach, C.A.R

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Coaching with Kelly exists to make difference in the world through:

Take chances and be willing to be uncomfortable. Feel the fear and do it anyway.
Better than good but no perfect. Done is better then perfect.
Ambition that is materialized into action.
Through knowledge, curiosity and reflection.
Physical, spiritual and emotional.
Love unconditionally and embrace our lovability.

while enjoying the process!